In late 2023, ITS will configure current and past student Microsoft services, including email, to use UQ Authenticate as the login method. This means students will login using their UQ account rather than the present Microsoft account credentials.

In addition, multi-factor authentication (MFA) will be introduced as a requirement for past students when using UQ Authenticate to access Microsoft services in early 2024. 

Introducing UQ Authenticate and MFA to Microsoft services will improve the security of UQ student email accounts, reducing the likelihood of cybersecurity threats such as spam, phishing attempts, and unauthorised access to other UQ systems. The login process will be simplified as current and past students will no longer need to remember a separate set of Microsoft credentials, just their existing UQ account.

Who will this affect? 

These changes will impact all users with a or email address, encompassing current and past students.

When will these changes take place? 

From 5 December 2023, current and past students will no longer be prompted for their Microsoft account information when accessing Microsoft services like Outlook. Instead, they will be asked to login using their UQ account.

From 15 January 2024, the requirement to use MFA to log in will be progressively rolled out to past student UQ accounts. Past students will be able to set up Duo MFA, the same application as current students, or they can choose to use their own MFA authentication type. As with the MFA rollout to students, ITS will offer alternative authentication solutions to past students prevented from using smartphone-based MFA.

Frequently asked questions 

Are alumni losing their UQ email addresses?

No, alumni are not losing their UQ email addresses as a result of introducing UQ Authenticate to student email services.

I know my UQ username and password - do I need to do anything?

No. If you remember or have saved your UQ account details, you do not need to take any further action due to this change. You can continue to use your UQ account to access UQ services, including student email.

I have forgotten my UQ account password

If you know your UQ username, you can reset your UQ account password.

I have forgotten my UQ account username

Your username is based on your student number, but is different to your student number.

If your student number begins with a 4:

Your username starts with an ‘s’ followed by the first seven digits of your student number (e.g. s4123456).

If your student number begins with a 3:

Your username starts with an ‘s’ followed by six digits: drop the first and last digits from your student number and use the remaining digits (e.g. if your student number is 3123 4567, your student username is s123456).

If you have forgotten your UQ student number 

If you cannot recall your UQ student number, and therefore your UQ account username, you can contact ITS Service Desk to manually confirm your identity and reset your account credentials.  

I want to know more about multi-factor authentication (MFA)

As MFA has already been rolled out to current students and staff, there is existing guidance on setting up MFA and frequently asked questions.  

For more information 

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