There are several projects and initiatives at UQ encouraging improved collaboration using Microsoft 365 (M365) tools. 


Productivity Tips community​

  • The community meet once a month for a presentation from a community member.​
  • Recent sessions focussed on Microsoft Forms, appointments in Outlook and Teams, and OneNote.  

Microsoft 365 Viva Engage​

  • A space on Viva Engage (previously Yammer) to share news, ask questions, and celebrates milestones relating to M365.   ​

Microsoft 365 Change Champions Network​

  • The M365 Change Champions Network is open to any university staff member who wants to play an active role in developing digital capability at UQ. ​
  • The network meet formally once a month. Between meetings, Change Champions are given the opportunity to contribute to new training, change management and communication. 
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Enhanced M365 for students

  • Migrating student accounts to the staff Microsoft tenant will allow staff and students to use the same Microsoft services and seamlessly collaborate.​

MFA for student M365​

  • From 5 December 2023, current and past student access to M365 will be via UQ Authenticate, including MFA.​
  • This will simplify access, removing the requirement for students to remember both  UQ account and Microsoft account credentials. 

M365 adoption

  • Support adoption of M365 applications in day-to-day work through multiple approaches.
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Systems Training Hub​

  • M365 training material is published on the Systems Training Hub. ​
  • This includes how-to guides, informative blogs, and links to further resources from Microsoft. ​

Workday courses​

  • Digital Tools at UQ and Microsoft 365 Overview.​
  • Microsoft Teams Overview.
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