This activity is part of the ongoing web development initiative to improve the University’s overall digital landscape. The University’s web platform plays a significant role in marketing, engagement and service activities associated with all university stakeholders. The University websites are core to operations and are a significant digital touch point for the UQ Community.  

The proposed investment approach will see the further consolidation of the University websites and digital touchpoints, into a smaller number of high-value assets. This reduction will provide the university with platform and maintenance cost reduction, but also significantly increase the sustainability of the overall UQ web presence allowing for more agile and flexible adoption of new and innovative digital engagement opportunities. This plan will continue to invest in enabling staff and students to ‘self-service” for personal, business and academic administrative activities, reducing the load on current administrative functions at UQ.

The proposed plan will make strategic investments using a user-centric approach to improve the University's core websites and online technology by;

  • continuing to invest in and improve staff and student experience on university core externally and internally focused websites, including;  future students, UQ Research, Teaching and Learning, the new consolidated my.UQ for staff, students and HDR cohorts; 
  • develop and further integrate all core UQ digital touchpoints into the one UQ mobile platform;
  • continue the removal of fragmented  and disconnected information sources aiding in ongoing maintainability and agility;
  • removal of incorrect or replicated information sources;
  • increased visibility of services and information relevant and available to staff and students;
  • utilise our information systems to personalise and enhance the quality of our students’ learning;
  • development of sustainable Information architecture and content governance processes;
  • evaluate cloud-based solutions for the provision of a University CMS Platform and other assets that contribute to the staff and student experience.

To date, a significant investment has already been made to transform the UQ web presence and establish technology frameworks, design patterns and development methodologies that allow for the transformation of the university's primary and strategic web assets. This activity will build on this existing investment by delivering continued improvements across UQ’s primary web platform the UQ Drupal CMS, using a user-centric research-driven development model. Improved content design, usability, UX and a compelling new look and feel is at the core of the proposed plan. This will bring UQ’s web presence in line with the expectations of our users and align with the university's strategic objectives.


  • Enhancing the student experience by;
    • Championing the University’s digital presence, delivering a digital environment worthy of a global top 100 University
    • Striving to maintain accessibility standards (WCAG 2.0) to ensure digital content is available to all students and support their learning needs.
  • Delivering services that the UQ community values by;​
    • Undertaking a University-wide integrated approach that delivers efficient and effective services for the UQ community
ITS Strategic Plan 2017 – 2020
  • Present a persuasive user experience that leads prospective students to one or more desired outcomes (apply, contact, register for more information, etc.)
  • Simplification/rationalisation of navigation structures, paths and search functionality that empowers a prospective student to quickly identify and access content required for making a decision to study at UQ (i.e program, study areas etc)
  • Support lead generation, prospect qualification and provide a clear pathway to inquiry and application processes.
  • Improved and personalised content and functionality for current students, staff and HDR cohorts

  • Simplification/rationalisation of navigation structures and pathways to relevant UQ content required to support the needs of current UQ students and staff, leading to an increase in self-service and a reduction in administrative support

  • Personalisation and consolidation of the application portfolio and digital touchpoints behind my.UQ for current students, staff and HDR cohorts, leading to an improved user experience and a reduction in administrative interfaces

  • Overall simplification of user experience and messaging, leading to a more supported and engaged UQ community.

  • Consolidation of student support and communication channels to improve the user experience and reduce service duplication and costs
  • Reduce manual handling and process complexity of administrative functions, leading to a reduction in transaction costs associated with administrative activities