This stream is part of the ongoing CX program to improve the University’s industry partner engagement in support of the 2018–2021 strategic plan.

This stream will enhance the UQ's research partnerships capability by:

  • implementing a standard platform for viewing and managing partnerships and engagement
  • establishing a common University research partnership hierarchy to support internal collaboration and enable data integration
  • embedding standardised work practices and behaviors across the research partnership user community.

This scope of work will enhance UQ’s research partnership capability in line with the expectations of key stakeholders and align with the University's strategic objectives. It will also lay the foundations for the additional stages associated with the broader Industry engagement capability.

Strategic alignment

There is a clear link between the enhanced research partnership capability and the following objectives from the Strategic Plan 2018–2021:

  • Improved internal collaboration (strategic key performance indicator)
  • Building on our current suite of significant partnerships to extend industry collaboration and engagement
  • Actively encourage internal collaboration between researchers from different disciplines and organisational units
  • Actively encourage researchers to partner with industry, government and the community both within Australia and internationally
  • Build a centralised resource to support, develop and manage significant partnerships guided by a clear partnership framework
  • Develop a University-wide and consistent approach to external and internal messaging and representation
  • Increase support for collaborations and partnerships by creating roles for connectors and facilitators.

The research partnership solution will achieve the following from the ITS Strategic Plan 2017–2020:

Delivering services that the UQ community values by:

  • measuring and enhancing the user experience
  • providing IT services that are simple, intuitive and seamless
  • making relevant data available to enable informed decision making
  • undertaking a University-wide integrated approach that delivers efficient and effective services for the UQ community, and
  • enhancing the University’s ability to engage with its stakeholders.

The research partnership solution will deliver the following benefits:

  • Improved visibility and accessibility to research partner knowledge and engagement
  • Integrated view of UQ relationships and connections with research partners
  • Improved internal collaboration and consultation between research personnel
  • Improved visibility and analytics on partner engagement.