The University of Queensland’s rich digital environment is integral to the student experience, enabling UQ to be regarded as a world class institution of learning and discovery sought by students globally. The goal of the mobile platform is to improve UQ's community engagement by providing a vehicle for accessing key information on-the-go, with logged-in users receiving customised content and personalised notifications.

The application(s) or technologies will be the primary mobile touchpoint for all people who interact with the University and work as a means for maintaining a relationship with users from open days through to graduation and beyond.

To ensure that UQ provides a modern, progressive mobile experience suitable for one of Australia’s leading universities, the proposal is to take a two-pronged approach: secure a third-party Commercial-off-the-Shelf solution or combination of solutions to meet the University’s immediate needs, while simultaneously seeking a strategic development partnership to ensure our market leadership through to 2022.

UQ’s key objectives for this project are to:

  • Expand the University’s systems of engagement beyond desktop-centric interfaces, including mobile or other emerging technologies
  • Deliver engaging, fast and accessible pathways to access key University information
  • Provide support for multiple event registration, attendance planning, and promotion
  • Use notifications to provide a highly effective means to communicate to users and/or user groups with personalised and timely communication
  • Delegate content development to the stakeholders and manage publication with an approval workflow to keep the mobile solution up-to-date and relevant
  • Display customised versions of the app for users based on their roles at the University (eg, Future Student, Undergraduate Student, Postgraduate Student, Professional Staff, Alumni, Visitor)
  • Support multi-campus indoor/outdoor path navigation


Strategic alignment

The proposed mobile solution will achieve the following from the ITS Strategic Plan 2017–2020:

Enhance the student experience by:

  • championing the University’s digital presence, and
  • delivering a digital environment worthy of a global top 100 University.

Deliver services that the UQ community values by:

  • measuring and enhancing the user experience, providing IT services that are simple, intuitive and seamless;
  • opt for cloud delivery first, balancing functionality with value and only constructing and customising systems as a last resort;
  • identify opportunities to work closely with external partners that support UQ’s competitive advantage or deliver efficiencies;
  • undertake a University-wide integrated approach that delivers efficient and effective services for the UQ community;
  • actively look for opportunities to retire services and systems, focussing instead high value systems and infrastructure for greatest impact to the academic endeavour; and
  • actively evaluate the IT application portfolio to determine whether the University still requires legacy applications and if they can be replaced with commercial off the shelf applications.

The solution also aligns itself with our digital landscape strategy:


  • Persuasiveness - Create a user experience that leads to one or more desired outcomes.
  • Rationalisation - Simplification of form, function and content to empower users.
  • Connecting and capturing - Support prospect qualification and lead generation.


  • Personalisation - Personalise and consolidate the application portfolio and digital touchpoints.
  • Context - Present relevant information in the right place, at the right time.
  • Accessible value - Simplify and focus our user experience and messaging.


  • User/customer-centricity - Consolidation of support channels and communication. User needs are our first and last consideration.
  • Efficiency - Reduce manual handling and process complexity of administrative functions.
  • One UQ - Establish a single voice for face-to-face and digital communication.


  • Ensure UQ provides a modern, progressive mobile experience representative of one the leading Australian universities;
  • Deliver personalised content and notifications to users; and
  • Deliver a means for creating and maintaining relationships with all types of users from open days through to graduation and beyond.


  • Provide a vehicle for accessing relevant and up-to-date information on-the-go; and
  • Leverage mobile-centric technologies to deliver useful and meaningful experiences for our users.