Creating a standard platform for event management.

Each year UQ manages a diverse range of events and hosts a variety of participants from current students and staff through to international visitors and community members. 

At the moment, UQ uses a range of tools and systems to manage events, which creates challenges and acts as a barrier to applying best practice. For our users, this also means a fragmented user experience with different standards across messaging, branding, voice and style.

This stream will address these challenges by implementing a single platform for event management at UQ , including a standardised set of work practices and processes to enable a consistent best practice approach to presenting event information.

This platform will use an integrated user-centric platform, providing a consolidated events calendar, powerful functionality and an engaging customer experience.

Strategic alignment

There is a clear link between enhancing UQ's event management capability and the following strategic objectives from the UQ Strategic Plan 2018–2021:

  • Encouraging access to our campuses and providing enrichment to the wider community through cultural, social, sporting and learning activities and events
  • Developing a University-wide and consistent approach to external and internal messaging and branding
  • Strengthening analytical, advisory and digital capacity within the professional workforce
  • Simplify, streamline, standardise and automate administrative process and workflows across the University
  • Review our delivery model for student services and administration to maximise effectiveness and efficiency and enhance the student experience.

This work will achieve the following from the ITS Strategic Plan 2017–2020:

Enhancing the student experience by:

  • championing the University’s digital presence, and
  • delivering a digital environment worthy of a global top 100 University.

Delivering services that the UQ community values by:

  • measuring and enhancing the user experience
  • providing IT services that are simple, intuitive and seamless, and
  • undertaking a University-wide integrated approach that delivers efficient and effective services for the UQ community.

Delivering highly efficient and effective digital ways of working by:

  • designing and delivering services based on user needs, with students and stakeholders as partners in the design of those services.

1. Consolidation of all UQ events (major and minor) into one platform, enabling the introduction of standard work practices

2. Cost savings associated with transitioning to a single platform:

  • licensing costs
  • technical system administration costs
  • data processing and management costs
  • integration and maintenance costs 
  • staff training costs.

3. Improved visibility, reporting and data security through centralised management

4. Enhanced and consistent interface and user experience for all UQ engagement activities 

Enhanced visibility over events calendar and demand to enable improved planning and resource allocation