This stream is part of the ongoing CX program to implement a One UQ digital marketing platform in support of the 2018–2021 strategic plan.

The University’s digital marketing platform will play a significant role in marketing and engagement activities associated with all university stakeholders.The digital marketing capability will be enhanced by providing a:

  • common integrated platform of all digital marketing campaigns
  • standardised One UQ approach to design, develop and execute digital marketing campaigns
  • mobile data capture solution for University events and recruitment activities  
  • comprehensive and common approach to progressive profiling, helping us learn more about our users and supporting personalised engagement
  • better reporting and analytics profile across the full prospect and student lifecycle
  • common set of work practices and behaviours across the University's marketing and engagement community.

Strategic alignment

There is a clear link between enhancing UQ's digital marketing capability and the following objectives from the Strategic Plan 2018–2021:

  • Develop a University-wide and consistent approach to external and internal messaging and representation
  • Improve the management of future student enquiries and communication with key partners, alumni and the broader community
  • Strengthening analytical, advisory and digital capacity within the professional workforce
  • Increase our international student revenue by investing in additional services to support the specific needs of international students and build stronger integration between international and domestic students.

This stream of work will achieve the following from the ITS Strategic Plan 2017–2020:

Delivering services that the UQ community values by:

  • measuring and enhancing the user experience
  • providing IT services that are simple, intuitive and seamless
  • making relevant data available to enable informed decision-making
  • undertaking a University-wide integrated approach that delivers efficient and effective services for the UQ community
  • enhancing the University’s ability to engage with its stakeholders.

The digital marketing solution will deliver the following benefits:

  • Enhanced ability to deliver integrated digital marketing campaigns
  • Increased availability and quality of marketing analytics to inform planning and decision-making
  • Improved visibility and analytics on future student engagement
  • Improved internal collaboration and consultation between UQ marketing teams.