“Learn to love your data, it is the fuel that powers business transformation”
(Tom Pringle, 2017)

Data is a foundation stone for UQ’s digital transformation journey. In order to continue to thrive, UQ must position itself to exploit software and institutional data as a means to improve service and academic outcomes and become better connected with our students.

Data and integration are key enablers that do, or will, underpin key initiatives that support or enhance the core business of the University. The UQ Data Hub is a reliable platform for periodically synchronising data between applications. While this continues to be a valuable service there is rapidly growing demand within the University for:

  • near real-time data synchronisation
  • access to enterprise data via APIs
  • integration with cloud-based services
  • event-driven interactions between applications
  • access to data from non-traditional sources for advanced analytics

We are actively extending data provisioning and integration capabilities at UQ to satisfy these emerging requirements. Enhancements to the existing UQ Data Hub platform are ongoing, and newer initiatives are discussed below.


  • Enable innovation and business agility in a changing educational setting that is increasingly digital and mobile in nature
  • Improve student experience, academic performance and retention by enabling the consistent provision of the right information where it is needed and when it is needed
  • Break down organisational and system barriers to enable data and services to be shared across applications, business processes, and analytics programs in support of the ‘One UQ’ aspiration
  • Respect and preserve the security and confidentiality of data administered by the University

Current Initiatives

API Program

The delivery of an API program has been identified as an important initiative through which enhanced integration capabilities can be developed at UQ. A new integration platform and team has been established to deliver re-usable APIs and more bespoke application to application and event-driven integration flows.

API Value Chain


  • APIs will play an important enabling role in initiatives to improve and personalise student user experience
  • APIs will be critical to underpin some of the business process improvement activities at UQ, especially the Business Process Digitisation initiative
  • API capabilities are essential to enable effective integration of our systems and business processes as UQ increasingly adopts cloud-hosted applications to support its core business
  • As developers gain access to a reliable API ecosystem, their ability to rapidly build and deploy innovative applications is enhanced.