UQ Advancement and Advancement staff in faculties, institutions and divisions across UQ use a variety of legacy systems to manage Advancement-related data, processes and supporting engagement, relationship and fundraising activities.  These systems largely work independently of each other, each providing different functionality used for different purposes.

This operating environment presents a number of challenges to these teams:

  • Outdated technology
  • Limited reporting capability
  • Limited Digital marketing capability
  • Data accessibility and integrity issues
  • System accessibility issues

This stream will address these core challenges by implementing an integrated Fundraising solution, including a standardised set of work practices and processes to enable Advancement best practice.

The new Advancement CRM solution is a key strategic enabler for the growth target in philanthropic income to $500 million (UQ Strategic Plan 2018 – 2021).  There is also a clear and direct linkage between the enhanced Advancement Fundraising capability and the following strategic objectives in the UQ Strategic Plan 2018 – 2021:

  • Develop a University-wide and consistent approach to external and internal messaging and representation.
  • Improve the management of communications with key partners, alumni and the broader community
  • Increasing support for collaborations and partnerships by creating roles for connectors and facilitators
  • Strengthening analytical, advisory and digital capacity within the professional workforce
  • Build philanthropic support through a dedicated campaign, including attracting support around three themes: empowering student success, transforming teaching and learning, and driving discovery and impact. 

The Advancement CRM solution will achieve the following from the ITS Strategic Plan 2017–2020:

Delivering services that the UQ community values by:

  • measuring and enhancing the user experience
  • providing IT services that are simple, intuitive and seamless, and
  • undertaking a University-wide integrated approach that delivers efficient and effective services for the UQ community, and

Enhancing the University’s ability to engage with its stakeholders.


  • Single course of truth for alumni and donor data (e.g. deceased status, communication preferences, contact details)
  • Increased capacity to engage with alumni in an interactive way through digital marketing
  • Centrally administered digital communications with alumni and donors
  • Accurate and current record of all digital communications with alumni and donors


  • Accurate and current record of all event attendance, volunteering and other supporter activity
  • Data analytics readily available to system users to support engagement and fundraising programs
  • Increased capacity to undertake predictive modelling to inform strategies for engagement and fundraising programs


  • Increased reporting capability
  • Increased capacity to accurately measure and report upon strategic KPIs
  • Increased capacity to set and achieve higher targets for existing strategic KPIs, and establish more meaningful engagement KPIs in future years